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OOAK Barbies in the News

January 4, 2011  AOL News   Artist Gives Barbie Nipples … and a Bad Reputation

September 26, 2010  The Vacaville Reporter   Hamlin: Is this any way to treat a Barbie doll? You decide …

March 21, 2010 Spunky as Fuck blog   Lavonne Sallee’s Barbie Art

Jan 13, 2010  CBS News   Vallejo Artist Puts Controversial Spin On Barbie

January 12, 2010   They Sure Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

September 9, 2009 Mercury    Inside the world of altered Barbie dolls

September 9, 2009 7×7 Magazine    Barbie Whips Ken and More at Altered Barbie Exhibition

October 5, 2008  (Mis)readings blog    Muñeca Barbie de Pezones

September 1, 2008   Cult Case Culture and Art Online Magazine  4 Contemporary Art Projects Exploring Women: Heroic. Liberated. Classic. Erotic.

August 13, 2008 Reuters   “Barbie” undergoes artsy makeover in San Francisco

August 11, 2008   Sunday: Altered Barbie at Art 94124 Gallery

August 3, 2008   The Sixth Annual Altered Barbie Art Show

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