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Another Successful Workshop!

March 12, 2011

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Her name is Mitzi and this is her story behind her creation:

The name of my creation is Vagina Dentatta. I started with wanting to do a kind of Yin/Yang, using a replica of my own paint horse I had as child. I added a little dappled filly and a Barbie wearing a black lace sexy purple dress. The vagina biting head seemed to come last as female sexual power that can stimulate or devour. My first intention had been to have Barbie crawling with spiders but when I found the Giant Ant. She , the ant, seemed perfect to fit on Barbies wild hair as helmet with a spray of golden CHI energy bursting out of Barbie, the daughter,  top Chakra. The web that weaves them all together, mare, daughter and filly is black. It is referencing the web from a Giant Black Spider, like the one that helped my mother to pass away. The net symbolized the bonding of mother to daughter to mother and on in to infinity, round and round we circle, one onto the other forever.


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