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Newsflash: Upcoming altered Barbie workshops and OOAK Barbies book now available

November 11, 2010

Sign up for LaVonne’s final altered Barbie art workshops of 2010

If you haven’t yet made it out to LaVonne’s studio, gallery, and store in Vallejo, then, quite frankly, you have been missing out big time. Not only does she have all her artwork on display there, but she is so much fun to visit and hang out with. Those of you who have met LaVonne will agree that the personality behind the artwork is just as much if not more fun and enjoyable than the artwork itself.

The good news, for those of you who have yet to pay LaVonne a visit or are looking for an excuse to return to the OOAK Barbies gallery in Vallejo, is that she has two upcoming workshops scheduled! Here are the dates:

  • this Saturday, November 13th, and
  • Saturday, December 11th

Attendance at LaVonne’s Altered Barbie Art Workshops is open to all ages. The cost is $20 if you bring your own materials, and $30 if you want to use LaVonne’s materials. Unless you have some special materials of your own that you specifically want to use for the altered Barbie project you will be working on in the class, we recommend you pay the extra $10 and use LaVonne’s materials. She has oodles of supplies to satisfy any and all artistic desires, and this will guarantee you have  unlimited creative freedom in regards to your project.

Click here to find out more about LaVonne’s amazing altered Barbie art workshops. And contact LaVonne via telephone at 707-644-6625 when you are ready to sign up for one of these classes. They are the final two classes being offered this year and present the perfect opportunity to create something to give one of your loved ones this holiday season. I bet every person on your list would love to get something unique for the holidays. After all, an altered Barbie art piece hand made by you is not only unique, but One of a Kind!

Get LaVonne’s new book, One Of A Kind Barbie Artwork Volume I in time for the holidays

Many of you are true fans of LaVonne and her work but have yet to buy a piece of LaVonne’s OOAK Barbie art. This is understandable, considering the scope of LaVonne’s artwork and the multitude of artwork there is available to choose from. Just how does one go about deciding on a single OOAK Barbie art diorama to purchase when the options seem endless and so many pieces appeal to you on a personal level? Good question. And if you have been fretting away about this, we may have a perfect, if somewhat temporary, solution for you:

We are excited to announce….<drumroll please>….

One Of A Kind Barbie Artwork Volume I by LaVonne Sallee!

One of a Kind Barbie Artwork Volume IIt’s our new book that’s filled to the brim with big, bold, beautiful images of your favorite OOAK Barbies artworks, all by LaVonne of course.

This book is perfect if you are in need of an OOAK Barbie artwork fix but haven’t yet decided which piece of LaVonne’s artwork to purchase.  It’s also that time of year when many of us are shopping with our loved ones in mind, and everyone can agree that it’s even more difficult to choose a piece of artwork when it’s for another person, no matter how much you love them. By gifting the art-lovers on your list with the OOAK Barbies book, you can rest happily knowing that you are also giving the opportunity to choose a piece of  OOAK Barbie artwork for themselves.

At a size of 8.5″ x 11″ and with 32 full-color pages, the OOAK Barbies book is a steal at only $18.50. It’s only available here at and ships within the 5 business days following your order placement date.

Want a sneak peek at some of the Barbie artwork included in the book? Then leave a comment or send us an email telling us so and since we are in the holiday mood, we’ll hook you up!

With that being said, LaVonne and I also want to THANK YOU ALL for the tremendous love and support you have shown us this past year. The enthusiasm you have shown and continue to show for OOAK Barbies is the very best gift, for which we are very thankful. We wish every one of you a very happy holiday season and all the best in the upcoming year.


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