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Altered Barbie Workshop #2

April 11, 2010

About 6 weeks ago I received a call from a woman named Robin who explained that her sister Tara was coming from Pennsylvania for a visit and she wanted to bring her to one of my Altered Barbie Workshops. Robin gave me the date that would work best for her and I decided at the time that I would advertise for other participants to join the ladies in the classroom. The problem with all this: I did not write it down and forgot all about it.

Last Saturday at 4:30pm, Robin and Tara knocked on the door. Thank goodness I was in the shop! The two of them came in and we did a workshop, which ended up going fabulously! See the photos below.

What was interesting to me is that Robin created a very pretty piece and that Tara went for a wonderfully weird one.
They both left very happy, and although I had a great time with them, I didn’t forget to learn a lesson from the experience. That is, to write everything down! I was taught a lesson in my first Altered Barbie Workshop as well, if you remember.
Thanks so much to Robin and Tara!
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