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pictures of the finished Art Car (VAN)

September 22, 2011

Tutorial for an Art Cat

September 22, 2011

Tutorial for Art Car Coming Soon

May 1, 2011

I will be turning my Toyota Van into an Art Car in the next week or so.  Most of the design was created in my gallery in pieces (like a jig saw puzzle) and the pieces just need to be glued in place. I took pictures as I went along so that I could create a tutorialfor you to either create your own Art Car or you could create a portrait. The picture I attached is a portrait of Barbie that will be on the hood of the Van.

Watch for the tutorial coming soon.

O.O.A.K. Barbie Campaign

April 23, 2011


I am raising funds to show my artwork at the ‘Nada Dada Ding Dong Event’ in Reno, NV. from June 15-19, 2011.

Last year, 5000 people visited this event. Vallejo is a ghost town. I must get exposure beyond the boundaries of Vallejo. That’s the only way my altered Barbie’s and I can become Successful and Famous.

I come to you friends, my admirers, I need your help.

If you would like to help, please follow this link for more details.

IndieGogo-OOAK Barbie Campaign

Thanks in advance,

LaVonne Sallee’, Artist


P.S. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and give me a call.

Male Models Wanted to dress as a Barbie Doll for Fashion Show!

April 23, 2011

MALE MODELS Wanted to dress as a Barbie Doll 

For a Fashion Show, during a Celebration at the


SATURDAY 5/21/2011 4pm-9pm 

The Fashion Show is featuring


The show will be from 7pm-8pm. 

This is a “Volunteer Gig” and you need to supply your OWN outfit/costume.

If interested in being one of the models

Please come to a meeting at the


310 Georgia Street in Vallejo, Ca. 94590 on

Tuesday, May 10 at 7pm OR Saturday, May 14 at 4pm.

If you are unable to attend either one of these meetings.

Email me: lavonnesbarbies@yahoo.comOR call 707-644-6625 for arrangements.

-LaVonne Sallee’, Artist
-Stephanie Godinez, Assistant

First Annual One Of A Kind Barbie Celebration

April 23, 2011


You are Invited to the First Annual One Of A Kind Barbie Celebration!
Please come and support my event. It will be my Barbie’s and my pleasure to have you celebrate the growth of my art!
Any questions or comments, Please contact me
via email: OR by telephone: 707-644-6625.
Hope to see you here!

Thanks in Advance,
LaVonne Sallee’, Artist

Another Successful Workshop!

March 12, 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her name is Mable. I do not have her story. I was told she is shy.

Here is my story for her:

Her piece set inside an Aladdin Lamp sort of container. She brought her own doll who is dresses like a Queen or a princess and surrounded with beautiful things. In the front of the container is a very large white mouse.

Mable also brought a figurine of a dog which I think represents a dog that is special to her.